Our association is a non-profit organisation with home base in Koekelare (Belgium) and was founded several years ago with the aim of starting up an educational aid project. With this initiative, we offer a number of children from the poorest regions of Thailand the opportunity to attend school and graduate.

To guarantee smooth management we cooperate with a number of local staff members of the Good Shepherd Sisters, a Thai religious community. The sisters of this community stay in close contact with the local families.

Luc Mestdagh Mr. Luc Mestdagh, our honorary secretary, lives in Nong Khai and is one of the driving forces behind this project. Luc has a thorough knowledge of the region as well as the language. He is also responsible for the selection of the many candidates. In the 18 years Luc has been managing this project, a lot of students have been graduating. An undeniable success!

With Luc at the helm of our local staff, we are confident that the aid is entirely provided to the right persons.

Benny Mareel - Heidi Ramault

Benny and Heidi with their 2 sponsored children Since Luc took up permanent residence in Thailand, Mr. Benny Mareel and Mrs. Heidi Ramault, both of them board members of the association, are in charge of the organisation in Belgium. They have themselves been sponsoring several children since many years.

Benny and Heidi can be contacted through our contact page.

Benny and Heidi with Issariya and Chonlada.