The mission of our project is to break the vicious circle of poverty and lack of education. The lack of necessary financial resources is the reason why a large number of young people from the poorest social classes have no access to education. Many of them are easy prey to exploitation, forced prostitution and child labour. The barriers they must overcome to attend school can only by removed with help from outside.

As a result of the bad socio-economic situation of poor families parents have to make their children work, as employee, in subsistence farming or at home to do the housework while the parents go out working themselves. Precisely these children need proper education to break this vicious circle.

This project goes far beyond financial support. We hope in the long term to give to young Thai people the opportunity, after having graduated from secondary school, to look for employment on the labour market or to pursue higher education. We have proved on many occasions that his approach really works! Through the individual follow-up of young people and the small scale of our project, we have already provided many families with a better future.